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May 2014 Roundup

June 6th, 2014

May was a very busy month for the House of Green. We had Flaming Arrow at the beginning of the month, and since Prince Nasr and Princess Eleanor were in attendance, lo, the awards did rain down upon the household. Órlaith received her Award of Arms. Cassandra was inducted to the Order of Ffraid, and Agnes to the Order of the Silver Martlet for her work in the Principality Ministry of Arts and Sciences. In addition, Tuathal won the Popinjay Shoot, and there were various other prizes won as well.

Cassandra wrote about silk stockings, designing a scroll, and heraldic cookies.

Orlaith tried out some gilding, hauled Tuathal into some A&S, did some glass painting, and did some research on medieval beekeeping in Ireland. She also wrote up an account of April’s Scriptorium and Fencing Camp as well as some of the follow-up work she had done.

And Aodh emerged, blinking, from the depths of academia, and wrote about tokens.

Festival of Fools came at the end of the month and the beginning of June, and we were all engaged in planning for it to one degree or another, with Cassandra autocratting.

April 2014 Roundup

May 1st, 2014

April featured Dun in Mara’s Period Fencing Camp and Scriptorium, which became more of a Scriptorium and Fencing Camp in practice. It was a quiet month for House of Green, with Aodh still buried in academia (although he emerged for long enough to go and run the list for Crown Tourney in Polderslot and spend some time in Thamesreach with Agnes), and others preparing for Flaming Arrow at the beginning of May.

Órlaith wrote about the joys of purple dye.

Cassandra, never good at taking things easy, worked on Tudor hose, a barter shirt, a hat, a chain for her fan, and various bits of organisation.

March 2014 Roundup

March 31st, 2014

March featured the College of King’s Lake’s Ostara Revel event, which was one of Lough Devnaree’s bigger events this year, and had loads of newcomers, who were well welcomed.

Cassandra worked on gilding, size, glair, and in non-period projects, a bodice and gown train, and walking skirt, for a Victorian event in Coopershill House.

Órliath and Art worked on a dragon and she also wrote up his sweets from Court of Love in February.

February 2014 Roundup

March 1st, 2014

February was the month of the Spring Coronet Tourney, which was held at Bolton Castle. Nobody from House of Green made it there, as we were all busily preparing for Court of Love in Eplaheimr, which was ably autocratted by Órlaith, and was an all-round success. Órlaith wrote about running her first event.

Cassandra worked on embroidery, illumination, more work on the muff, and a non-period scrap skirt.

Apart from running Court of Love, Órlaith also found time to do some shooting.

January 2014 Roundup

February 1st, 2014

January was one of the odd months when there were no events that any of us attended. Aodh was buried in academia, as he’d been since about November, and even practices around our main stronghold in Dun in Mara had gone quiet because the practice hall for heavy combat and archery had closed down.

Cassandra, as ever the most prolific of us, posted twice about work on a muff, as well as sundry non-SCA historical clothing projects.

Órlaith posted about a lunch menu, and images of 16th century Irish people.

Agnes, Aodh, and Salvino ordered a period tent, which will hopefully arrive in reasonable time for Ffair Rhaglen X in August.

Welcome to the House of Green Website

February 10th, 2013

House of Green is an SCA Household, with members from Dun in Mara and Eplaheimr in Lough Devnaree, within the Principality of Insulae Draconis, in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. We’re still relatively new, so we’re finding our feet and our areas of specialisation, but thus far it appears that strengths lie in period cookery, research and archery.