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May 2014 Roundup

June 6th, 2014

May was a very busy month for the House of Green. We had Flaming Arrow at the beginning of the month, and since Prince Nasr and Princess Eleanor were in attendance, lo, the awards did rain down upon the household. Órlaith received her Award of Arms. Cassandra was inducted to the Order of Ffraid, and Agnes to the Order of the Silver Martlet for her work in the Principality Ministry of Arts and Sciences. In addition, Tuathal won the Popinjay Shoot, and there were various other prizes won as well.

Cassandra wrote about silk stockings, designing a scroll, and heraldic cookies.

Orlaith tried out some gilding, hauled Tuathal into some A&S, did some glass painting, and did some research on medieval beekeeping in Ireland. She also wrote up an account of April’s Scriptorium and Fencing Camp as well as some of the follow-up work she had done.

And Aodh emerged, blinking, from the depths of academia, and wrote about tokens.

Festival of Fools came at the end of the month and the beginning of June, and we were all engaged in planning for it to one degree or another, with Cassandra autocratting.