May Roundup

May 30th, 2013

May has been a busy month for the House of Green. We had several people involved in running the Insulae Draconis Coronet Tournament, we had a household day, we did rather a lot of A&S stuff, and we welcomed two new members to the household; Alays de Lunel and Aidan of the Dice.

The Coronet Tournament went very well; Cassandra was the Event Steward, Aodh was the head cook, and Alays did a lot of good work in the kitchen. Órlaith provided pies for the feast, a dragon subtlety, and an ink-and-paint work to present to the their Highnesses Vitus and Isabel. Everyone seemed pleased, and we’re looking forward to the next events we’re running, even if they’re not until early next year.

The household day was also a great success; a great deal of A&S work done, recipes tested, and a lot of gossiping. Aodh was once more employed to apply brute force and ignorance to a craft problem, and succeeded well.

On people’s various blogs, Cassandra had a busy month in general, Aodh rambled on about helping in a feast kitchen, and cooking at Coronet, Nessa wrote about candied spring flowers, and Órlaith wrote about the ink-and-paint piece and dragon for Coronet, and A Beginner’s Guide to A&S.

We’re currently planning attendance at Ffair Rhaglen IX, and various A&S activities and research through the summer.

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